6 ways to maintain hardwood floors how to be durable

Hardwood floors are what give the house a natural and beautiful look. but that beauty must be exchanged for an expensive price In addition, maintenance is not easy as well. Problems from using hardwood for flooring There are scratches, fading, hygroscopicity, deflection, and sometimes mold problems. But if we know the techniques to take care of various problems can be prevented.
1. Keep the temperature cool. even if the air conditioner is off It will save us electricity bills. But leaving the temperature in the room too hot Especially on very hot days, hardwood floors will be damaged. Therefore, on very hot days, turning on the air conditioner will help extend the life of hardwood floors.
2. Do not let moisture. If you live in a humid climate One option to help preserve hardwood floors is to use a dehumidifier. to reduce the amount of moisture in the air
3. Do not expose the hardwood floor directly to sunlight. Some hardwood floors are resistant to sunlight. But some are not. Therefore, prevention by closing the window blinds. Avoid direct sunlight, it will help.
4. Change the position of the furniture changing the position of the furniture Not only good in terms of the flow of energy according to feng shui. But it's also good for hardwood floors. repositioning furniture will give the wooden floor a chance to touch the air touch the light thoroughly
5. Do not wear shoes to walk on the wooden floor. Because shoes will bring dust and dirt into the house. and may also cause the wood floor to be scratched both from the sole and from the rubble that may be attached to the shoe
6. Repair the broken floor. If hardwood floors was damaged last summer. It is difficult to repair by yourself. which when the damage occurs, it requires a skilled technician to fix it But should wait until the end of the hot season. sunny first

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