12 colors that are excellent for interior decoration, beautiful

Color is the key to any room decoration. Choosing the right color to use for painting the walls of the room. It will make our space stand out, stylish, not boring, and I would like to recommend the following 12 colors that interior designers say can be a perfect match.
1. Oliver green This color is what the designers say. It can be combined with every other color, helping to create balance and interest in any room. It is considered a color that can be used in every area of ​​the house.
2. Brick orange is considered a color that helps to create a warm feeling in the room a lot. In addition, brick color has a rustic feel. And it is also a color that can be matched with many styles of home decorations.
3.Purple If you want a classic, not boring, purple is a great choice. This color works great for a stylish contrast.
4.Black or white, these two colors are opposite pairs. commonly used in design which can be applied to the interior of every room, every area
5. Blue-green It is a color suitable for those who like novelty. It is a shade that is compatible with white or gold tones. This color can be used to paint the walls. Or it can be used as the color of the storage cabinet as well.
6. Light green It is a color that adds life to any room. Goes with every decoration style.
7. Navy blue If you want dark tones in some areas of the house. Or the navy blue room is an ideal choice as it gives a mysterious and mysterious feeling to it.
8. Dark gray is a dark tone. that gives a feeling of welcome Gray, despite being a dark color but it is a natural tone that can be easily matched with other colors
9. Light gray is a natural color. illuminating It is a classic tone that gives a warm feeling. Can create beauty in every room.
10. Yellow, in addition to being a color that stimulates energy It's also bright and creative. Yellow adds vitality. can be used both large halls and small area and make the room look expensive as well
11. Flesh is another color that is easy to use besides white, black, gray and beige, but designers recommend that. The flesh color should not be used as a background color. but should be used to emphasize the strengths more
12. White is a popular color. because it is bright and bright and can be easily decorated Compatible with all tones and furniture including home decoration accessories in all forms

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